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600 Ton Press Brake

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600 Ton Press Brake Brochure:

600 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
600 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake controller600 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake options

Hydraulic Brakes Technical Data:

600 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake data600 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake detailsNow hydraulic press brake machine is widely used in railway, automobile industry, and street lamp manufacturers. Hydraulic press brake can process different types of thin plates during use. The biggest difference between this kind of equipment and the ordinary machine is that you can bend the plate to different angles, therefore, the application of 600 ton simple press brake machine has effectively solved many problems encountered in bending operation. Now, the application of 600 ton press brake is also gaining the attention of users.When buying hydraulic press brake machine, many users are having trouble deciding to go around. In fact, it can be accomplished by combining certain criteria when determining the device's winding variable. In the case of the same load, the number of gaskets needed for short specification is also low. When the ideal standard is reached, the products produced are also higher in accuracy.When purchasing 600 ton hydraulic press brakes, the staff can also see the equipment made of different materials。 Stainless steel and carbon steel materials are the most common, but we should be known when purchasing equipment, the load of stainless steel materials should be higher, these are issues that users should pay attention to when they buy equipment。 There are also certain differences in specifications and operating performance of the equipment products of different materials, which can affect the rotation。At present, the brake hydraulics s can achieve higher yield, so the number of users with 600 ton hydraulic press brakes is increasing. Users should be aware of how to determine the parameters of the circuit changes when purchasing the equipment.

The Matter that Should be Noticed When Operating hydraulic brakes:

1. Strictly observe the safe operating procedures of machine tools and wear protective equipment according to the regulations.2. Carefully check the motor, switch, line, and grounding before starting. Check the operating parts and buttons of the equipment in the correct position.3. Check the recombination and robustness of the upper and lower modes; Check whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of being processed.4. Switch on the power, switch on the control panel and start the oil pump.5. Empty running 5-10 minutes after launch, the slider on the full stroke movement 2-3 times, if there is abnormal sound or failure, it should immediately stop, and troubleshooting, everything should be normal before work.6。 The work shall be conducted by one person so that the operator and the feeding compaction personnel shall cooperate closely to ensure that the cooperating personnel shall send off the bending signal in the safe position。7。 Plate bending must be behind the plate and then support the sheet metal both hands, in order to prevent bending when the plate tilted。8. Under normal conditions, the width of sheet thickness should be chosen not less than 8 times. If the R arc cannot meet the requirements of the workpiece, it can be slightly less than that under sufficient pressure.9. At the bottom of the bending machine, it is necessary to ensure that there is a thick gap between the plates, otherwise, the mold and machine will be damaged.10。 When machine tools work, the back of the machine is not allowed to stand。11. It is strictly forbidden to press the sheet at one end.12。 If the workpiece or die is not correct when running, it should be stopped and corrected, and manual correction is strictly prohibited。13。 It is forbidden to fold the sheet material of the bending machine to avoid damaging the machine tool。14。 Frequently check the recombination of the upper and lower molds; Whether the instructions of the pressure gauge comply with the regulations。15. The power supply must be cut off when the die is pressed.16. When changing the opening of the variable mold, no material is allowed to contact with the mold.17. If an exception occurs, stop immediately, then check the reason and eliminate it.The maintenance method of press brakeThe press brakes have many advantages. Energy saving, mechanical wear is small, low oil temperature, long service life is its advantage. Let's talk about the maintenance of the press brake:

Maintenance of Hydraulic System:

1. The new hydraulic press brake machine should change the oil once in a month, and then change the oil once a year, and we should clean the tank every time we change the oil.2. Hydraulic oil for the bending machine is 46 hydraulic oil or 32 hydraulic oil, according to the actual situation;3. Check the tank oil level every month. If the hydraulic system is repaired, the oil level should be checked and the oil level should be lower than the oil window.4. The oil temperature of the system should be between 35 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, it shall not exceed 70 ℃, such as too high, it will cause the damage of oil and accessories.5. The filter should be replaced or cleaned thoroughly every time the filter is changed. 6。 Abnormal conditions of other filters, such as relevant alarm or oil, it should be replaced。 7。 The new machines is used after a month, we should check whether there is any deformation on the tubing bending place, if there are any abnormal, it should be replaced, in the use of two months later, we should tighten the joint of all parts, when we are carrying out this work, we should shut down and the system is free of pressure; 8. Clean hydraulic components every month. It is better to add a protective cover to the hydraulic system to prevent the dirt from entering the system, and can not use detergent.9。 The air filter on the fuel tank shall be inspected and cleaned every three months, preferably in one year。The filter should be replaced or cleaned thoroughly at every change of oil。

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