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Blender 32SB180J-2.2

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10 Set/Sets Week
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Model: 32SB180J-2.2


The reducer in the mud agitator adopts a worm/turbine, which is compact in structure, good in performance and reliable in operation; the input shaft of the explosion-proof motor and the reducer is directly connected through the elastic coupling instead of the belt transmission, so the rotation speed of the stirring pulsator is constant。 The stirring intensity is large, the sweeping range is wide, and the structure is designed to avoid the phenomenon that the motor is overloaded during starting, which is suitable for working in the harsh conditions in the field, and is convenient to install, adjust or replace。 

1。 Spiral bevel gearbox。

2。 Outdoor explosion-proof motor。

3. Can process 20ppg of drilling fluid.

4. Available power is 2.2~22KW.

5. Compact design, low noise, smooth operation and easy maintenance.









5310-380-0038 WASHER, PLAIN 3/8 TYPE A (W) ZPLT
5330-363-0028 SEAL, OIL 7.5 x 6 x .5
3110-603-3028 BEARING, RLR  SPHR # 23028
4730-678-5035 PLUG, PIPE 1-1/4 SQ HD CP STL
5330-603-7022 SEAL, OIL 10.38 x 8.37 x .75
5365-603-0040 LOCKNUT, BRG N40
1560-603-0040 LOCKWASHER, BEARING W-40
3110-603-3040 BEARING, RLR  SPHR # 23040
5301-678-0414 SCREW, DR  4  X  1/4  TY U  SS
2815-603-0039 SLEEVE, I/B 6032  GRS SEAL
2815-603-0040 SLEEVE, O/B 50/60 GREASE SEAL
5340-000-2002 HOUSING, BREATHER
5305-678-0125 HHCS, 3/8-16 X 1-1/4 CAD PL
5310-010-0038 LOCKWASHER, HEL SPR 3/8 CADPL

4730-678-3007 ELBOW, 90 1-1/4NPT GALV MI

China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

4730-678-1102 NIPPLE, 1-1/4 X CLOSE SCH 40
4730-227-022A CAPLUG, 2" PLASTIC
4730-227-1063 CAPLUG, 4" PLASTIC
4725-678-7932 FITTING, CND 1-1/4" Y SEALING
4730-678-9007 UNION, PIPE 1-1/4 GALV CI
5305-678-3834 HHCS, 3/8-16 X 3/4 SS
5310-038-7797 WASHER, PLAIN 3/8 SS
5310-038-7754 LOCKWASHER, HEL SPR 3/8 SS
700030711 SCREW
5305-500-0048 SCREW
5305-500-0040 SCREW
4820-790-0144 BREATHER
1560-603-0028 lock washer
5365-603-0028 lock nut
4730-678-4027 ELBOW
4730-678-9007 UNION
2930-603-0062 RETAINER
3130-603-0015 BEARING
07279 ROTOR


2815-783-0026 / Bearing SEAL SLEEVE I/B FOR 7838 BRAKE
5330-783-7020 SEAL, GREASE I/B
3110-783-3044 BEARING,SPHER RLR I/B
3110-783-3036 BEARING,SPHER RLR O/B
5365-783-0036 LOCKNUT,BRG 9-1/16D X 1-3/32T O/B
5330-783-7602 SEAL, GREASE O/B
5301-678-0414 SCREW, DR 4 X 1/4 TY U SS
5305-581-0214 HEX HEAD CAP SCREW, 5/8"-11 X 2 1/4"
5305-783-5807 HHCS, 5/8-11 X 7 CAD PL
5305-783-5852 BOLT 5/8-11x 5-1/2inch SHCS CAT2
4820-790-0144 BREATHER
700020911 HEX HEAD CAP SCREW,3/8-16 X 1 1/4 J429 GR5;CAD
5310-010-0038 LOCKWASHER, SPLIT, 3/8"DIA.
7600024+70 WASHER,3/8 N TYPE A 0.812 OD
4730-678-E114 ELBOW, ST 90 1-1/4 NPT 150#M1
6875002 PLUG

4730-678-3007 ELBOW 90 DEG

China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

4730-704-0341 REDUCING ELBOW
4721-678-0025 FITTING, GREASE 1/4 NPT
4730-678-1102 1-1/4" NPT NIPPLE
4725-678-7932 FITTING, SEALING 1-1/4
5325-678-7215 SEALANT  1# CAN
4730-227-022A CAPLUG
4730-227-1063 CAPLUG
4730-227-015A CAPLUG
700020630 HEX HEAD CAP SCREW,3/8-16 X 3/4 S/S 18-8;
5310-038-7797 WASHER PLAIN 3/8
3130-783-0060 CAP,BEARING 7838 I/B
3130-783-0059 BEARING CAP 7838 OUTBD
2815-783-0070 SLEEVE
80506-R-C WASHER, FLAT .063 THICK.
46923-13 CONDUIT COIL LEAD22.8
4730-678-1102 1-1/4" NPT NIPPLE
4730-678-9007 PIPE UNION 1-1/4 GALV. C1
4820-790-0144 BREATHER


China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd

4820-790-0144 BREATHER

Seal 23444-01-72
Gasket Н20625
SK-8N07G Electric Torque Sensor (8B06FG)
100-6695 RING-PISTON
SK-8Y24A Suspended Heavy Pressure Sensor (8B06FG)
Seal Н2564-4
Gasket 10399-46-1
Shaft H20612-02-33
230-3728 FKM (90) O-RING
Seal Н22451-1A
Seal H7496-253
294-1748 BEARING
SK-8B06FG pumping sensor (8B06FG)
100-6694 RING-PISTON
Seal H19110-72
230-3775 SEAL-O-RING
Mechanical seal oil SB68J0044
Sealing bush A459.46
Main bearing A459a.39
Central tube A459a.2
Bearing 2007934 GB297-84
Oil seal PD170h200h16 HG4-692-67
Insulating ring A459a.34
Upper bushing A459a.28
O-ring A459.17
Spring washer A459.16
Upper sealing ring A459a.18
Exhaust gasket A459.19.0
Шкив Hg 15-03
Подшипник 20938 Е
Прокладка подшипника YG225-05
Upper pressure cover A459.20
Discharge pipe A459a.21
Bottom pressure cover A459.9
Lower box gland A459a.22
Sealing ring A459.23
Sealing ring A459.24
Sealing ring A459.26
Drilling mud umbrella A459.27
Bearing 32130 GB283-81
Bottom sleeve A459a.45A
Oil seal PD160h200h16 HG4-692-67
Gasket A459.a.3
Пылезащитное кольцо YG225-06-00
Кольцо 230х7.0 GB3452.1-80
Кольцо 200х5, 3 ГБ3452.1-80
Маслёнка М10х1 GB1152-79
Открытый штифт 5х40 GB91-86
Кольцо 70х3, 1 ГБ1235-760
Пружина GB93-87
Swivel for air and water SD-00E Winch JC21D
J-ring 100HG-332-66
O-ring 105х3.1 GB1253-76
O-ring 40х3.1 GB1253-76
Friction disc GH3161-05.15 (G)
Bushing cylinder, D=140 GH3161-05.21 (G)
Bushing cylinder, D=150 GH3161-05.21 (G)
Bushing cylinder, D=160 GH3161-05.21 (G)
Bushing cylinder, D=170 GH3161-05.21 (G)
Spacer GH3161-28.06 (G)
Nut GH3161-05.32.00 (G)
Sealing two-sided 5"х6.25"х0.625"
Diaphragm GH161-27.03.00 (G)
Gear pump 2S 32PL
Valve assy GH3161-05.11.00 (G)
Valve spring GH161-05.10 (G)
Valve GH3161-28.04 (G)
Cap, valve GH161-05.13 (G)
O-ring 125х7.0 GB/T3452.1-1992
O-ring 65х3.1 GB1253-76
O-ring 75х5.7 GB1253-76
O-ring 95х3.1 GB1253-76
Relief valve QF514
O-ring 35х3.1 GB1235-76
Piston assy GH3161-28.03.00 (G)
PU piston D=140 GH3161-05.24.00 (G)
PU piston D=150 GH161-05.24.00 (G)
PU piston D=160 GH3161-05.24.00 (G)
PU piston D=170 GH3161-05.24.00 (G)
Socket assy GH3161-05.04.00 (G)
Grease seal GH3161-04.05 (G)
Seat valve GH3161-05.11.11
Stud GH3161-28.11 (G)
Fluid end assy AH130101050100
Seal ring GH3161-05.12 (G)
Seal ring GH3161-05.08 (G)
Seal ring GH3161-05.31 (G)
Seal ring GH3161-05.14 (G)
Rod, piston GH3161-05.18 (G)
Rod, piston GH3161-28.05 (G)
Complete Dead Line Anchor  JZG34A, 12 Line
Complete Dead Line Anchor JZG41, 12 Line
Screw: 890.164) - 32 x 1/2 ANSI/ASMEB 18.6.3-2003
NamePlate NB800M.11
Sleeve Main Bearing (right) NB800M.02.02
Seal Gasket NB800M.02.03
Insider Retainer NB800M.02.04
Outside Retainer NB800M.02.05.00
Rod NB800M.02.06
Spacer Ring NB800M.02.13
Bolt Main Bearing: 2-1/4 - 8UN - 3A NB800M.02.14
Shim Set NB800M.02.15.00
Sleeve Main Bearing (left) NB800M.02.16
Locking Wire : SZ - 1.50 GB/T343-1994
Bolts: 5/8-11 x 4-3/4 NB800M.02.20
Bolts: 5/8-11 x 4 NB800M.02.21
Locking Wire : SZ - 3.00 GB/T343-1994
Eccentric Bearing: NUP464775 Q4/C9YA4 NB800M.02.22
Main Bearing: 23148/C3W33 NB800M.02.23
Anaerobic Adhesive for Thread Locking and Sealing 242
Scuff Sleeve NB800M.03.03
End Cover NB800M.03.04
Seal Gasket NB800M.03.05
Seal Gasket NB800M.03.07
Baffle Plate NB800M.03.08
Bearing Sleeve NB800M.03.09
Seal Gasket NB800M.03.10
Oil Seal: 7.625" x 9.125" x 0.625" NB800M.03.12
Cylindrical Roller Bearing: NU3036X2M/C4 NB800M.03.13
Crosshead NB800M.04.01
Slide Upper NB800M.04.02
Double Lip: 4" x 5" x 0.5" NB800M.04.04
Oil Seal Ring NB800M.04.05
Stuffing Box NB800M.04.06
End Cover NB800M.04.08
Rod NB800M.04.09
Mud Guard Plate NB800M.04.10
Bearing Crosshead25/04/2016 NNAL6/177.8-1 Q4/W33XYA2 NB800M.04.17
Crosshead Pin NB800M.04.18
Shim Set NB800M.04.19.00
Piston Rod NB800M.05.21
Spray Pipe Assembly NB800M.05.23.00
Catch Hoop Assembly NB800M.05.24.00
Support NB800M.06.01.00
2S Gear Oil Pump
Bolt: 5/16-18 x 1-9/16 ASMEB 18.3-2002
Washer: 8 GB/T93-1987
Gear Assembly, Oil Pump NB800M.06.31.00
Anaerobic Adhesive for Cylindrical Part TS1609 TS1680
Centrifugal Spray Pump (West Petroleum or Baoji) 32SB180J (32PL)
Seal Gasket NM800M.09
Seal Pad NM800M.013
Seal Pad NM800M.18
Seal Gasket NM800M.20
Ring Gasket: R44 NM800M.23
Rubber: 30 x 10 x 4880
Bull Gear NB800M.02.10.00
Bull Gear (Hobbing) NB800M.02.10A
Bull Gear (Grinding) NB800M.02.10B
Pinion Shaft NB800M.03.02
Pinion Shaft (Hobbing) NB800M.03.02A
Pinion Shaft (Grinding) NB800M.03.02B
Bolt: 1-1/8"-8UN -2A x 125 NB800M.02.11
Bolt: 1-1/8"-8UN -2A x 100 NB800M.02.11A
Locking Nut: 1-1/8"-8UN -2B NB800M.02.12.00
Seal Gasket NB800M.04.07
Gasket NB800M.04.16
Double Metal Cylinder Sleeve NB800M.05.22
Seal Ring Linear NB800M.05.04
O-Ring: 97.5 x 3.55-G-S GB/T3452.1-2005
Valve Cover Seal Ring NB800M.05.10
Valve Rod Guide Apparatus NB800M.05.12
Spring Guide NB800M.05.13.00
Guard Plate NB800M.05.14
Valve Spring NB800M.05.16
Valve Assembly NB800M.05.17.00
Piston 5-1/2 NB800M.05.19.00

China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd
Seal Ring Piston NB800M.05.20
Valve Rod Guide (lower) NB800M.05.28.00
O-Ring: 190 x 7 -G - S GB/T3452.1-2005
O-Ring: 290 x 7 -G - S GB/T3452.1-2005
Shim Set NB800M.06.02.00
Seal Gasket NB800M.06.04
Filter Assembly NB800M.06.23.00
Relief Valve YYFJ-L20
V-Belt: A2800 GB/T1171-1996
Cylinder Sleeve NB800M.05.22A
Rubber: 30 x 10 x 4880
Oil Level Gauge NB800M.15.00
Power End Lubrication Assy NB800M.06.00
Slide Lower NB800M.04.13
V-Belt 8V-4L-48-30
Dampener NB800M.27.03.00
Drill pipe power tongs ZQ203-100
Casing power clamp TQ340-35
Centrifuge Supply Pump (Screw Pump) XG070B01JF
G30A-075, screw pump, 30mgong/h, 7.5kw
Vacuum degasser ZCQ/5L 380 B, 50 Hz, 18.5 kW, 1450 rpm
ZCQ270A, Vacuum Degasser, 270m_/h, 22+7.5kw
Air winch QJ-05
Pneumatic winch XYFH-5/35
Torque meter GHT102A
Parts for Sensor Hookup Record-O-Graph  J10900A-20
seal 11148. NBR
seal 11148. NBR
seal 11148.  NBR
seal 11148. NBR
seal 11132.30.01.03 NBR
seal 11132.30.01.03 NBR
seal 11132.30.01.03 NBR
seal 11132.30.07.02 NBR
seal F35.11.00 NBR
seal  F751A.13.03 NBR
seal  F35.13 NBR            
seal  F35.14.00 NBR
seal  F35.16.00 NBR
seal F35.19.00 NBR
W003-042-02-001 Male Connector ,self-seal ,Code- JY248.2
W003-042-02-002 Female connector ,quick release coupling ,Code-JY248.6
W003-042-02-003 Diaphragm, Code-JY248-10(500) (JZG72)
W003-042-02-004 Copper Bushing ,Code-JY248-15
W003-042-02-005 Manual Pump , Code-Q/JY250-84
W003-042-02-008 Transducer , Code-Q/JY248-84
W003-042-02-009 Connecting Pipe ,Code-JY250.2  5M
7624 Bearing ,7624 Code-GB297-64 
B0816-105-56 Round Nut , M105 X 2 ,Code- GB812-88
B0858-105-64 Stop Washer ,105 Code-GB858-88
B0886-105-130-64 Retainer , 105 x 130 ,Code- GB886-86
48409 Repair Kit for Pressure Regulator
02250139-996 Compressor Lube/Hydraulic Oil Filter Element
250024-437 Oil Content Removal Line Filter Element
1084 Thermal Valve Repair Kit
88290008-914 Water Separator
02250046-568 Pressure Adjusting Valve
250038-672 Solenoid Valve Plug
250038-730 Solenoid Valve Coil
250024-437 Oil Content Removal Line Filter Element
02250115-960 Float Valve
02250112-031 Air Control Filter Repair Kit
250034-124 Air/Oil Separator Replacement (Primary 1st Level Filter)
250034-130 Air/Oil Separator (Secondary Air Filter)
48409 Repair Kit for Pressure Regulator
1 valve body CP18590A-00
2 dome CP18607C-00
3 top plate CP29664D-00
4 support CP29610D-00
5 sets of rings CP29611D-00
6 insert seal P19080C-00
7 drive shaft CP18584E-00
8 bearing CP19182D-00
9 spacer ring CP19182D-00
10 axle seat CP18603E-00
11 Coupling CP18586D-00
12 spring cylindrical pin M3271
13 spring cylindrical pin M3324
14 VARI seal M3334
15 O-Shaped Seal M3270
16 O-ring M5202
17 gasket P2120A-54A
18 gasket P2120A-54B
19 gasket P2120A-54C
20 fan cylinder A2013
21 adjusting washer M3422
22 V type dust ring M3335
23 quick exhaust valve 1/4′′A1084
24 seal assembly M4222
25 sector cylinder repair kit A2195
P30330D-00 DN50 dome valve
P30332D-00 DN80 dome valve
P30659D-00 DN100 dome valve
P35103D-00 DM125 dome valve
P30663D-00 DN150 dome valve
P30667D-00 DN200 dome valve
P30668D-00 DN200 dome valve
P30684D-00 DN300 dome valve
1 valve body CP18611A-00
2 dome CP18639C-00
3 top plate CP29665D-00
4 support ring CP29612D-00
5 sets of rings CP29613D-00
6 insert seal P19081C-00
7 Coupling CP18586D-00
8 O-Shaped Seal M5203
9 gasket P2120A-55A
10 gasket P2120A-55B
11 gasket P2120A-55C
12 sector cylinder A1990
13 sector cylinder repair kit A2213
14 special top plate CP31151D-01
15 water-cooled ceiling CP31307D-00
1 valve body CP26048B-00
2 dome CP1165C-00
3 drive shaft CP11714E-00
4 modular bearing P3884E-00
5 V type dust ring M1006
6 axle seat CP18630E-00
7 VARI seal M1243
8 spacer ring CP2728C-00
9 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
10 Coupling CP22060D-01
11 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
12 O-Shaped Seal M1242
13 sector cylinder A1096
14 gasket P5460E-00
15 gasket P5465E-00
16 gasket P5470E-00
17 top plate connector CP29755B-00
18 collar CP29768D-00
19 support ring CP29767D-00
20 insert seal P1586C-01
21 O-ring M5204
22 insert seal RED P17458C-01
23 water cooled roof CP31219B-00
24 top plate CP29769D-00
25 sector cylinder repair kit A2201
26 sector cylinder (electric control) A3662
27 sealing assembly M3227
28 bottom connector CP4353B-00
29 adjusting washer P9277E-01
1 top connector CH1019C-00
2 top connector CP32418D-00
3 bottom connector CP16831B-00
1 V type dust ring M1346
2 Coupling CP4965C-00

China Hedele Energy Equipment Co., Ltd
3 sector cylinder A1142
4 cylinder bracket CP4964B-00
5 axle seat CP46780E-00
6 drive shaft CP4675D-00
7 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
8 dome CP4677B-00
9 top connector CP29756B-00
10 sets of rings CP29615D-00
11 support ring CP29614D-00
12 insert seal P4665B-01
13 insert seal RED P17459C-00
15 modular bearings P8010D-00
16 spacer ring CP5406D-00
17 VARI seal M1365
18 O-ring seal M2085
19 gasket P5461E-00
20 gasket P5466E-00
21 gasket P5471E-00
22 Limit switch mounting plate CP17577E-00
23 O-ring seal M5205
24 adjusting washer P9277E-02
25 oil cup 1/8′′ M3287
26 oil cup cover M3424
27 telephone number
27 bottom connector CP4354B-00
28 gasket P2120A-13
29 quick exhaust valve 3/8′′ A1790
30 sector cylinder repair kit A1390
31 Sealing Kit M3229
32 top plate CP29668D-00
33 water-cooled top plate CP33294B-01
34 top plate CP31930D-00
1 water-cooled valve body CP31215B-00
2 water-cooled dome CP2133B-00
3 water-cooled casting coupling CP29696B-02
4 Water-cooled drive shaft CP29696B-01
5 valve body CP26999B-01
6 dome CP1158B-00
7 drive shaft CP1016D-00
8 modular bearing P8011D-00
9 V type dust ring M3415
10 axle seat CP19642E-00
11 VARI seal M1171
12 spacer ring CP2147C-00
13 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
14 O-Shaped Seal M1162
15 gasket P5462E-00
16 gasket P5467E-00
17 gasket P5472E-00
18 top plate CP29669D-00
19 water cooled roof CP30474B-01
20 water cooled roof CP30474D-01
21 top connector P29757B-00
22 sets of CP29617D-00
23 support ring CP29616D-00
24 insert seal P5524C-01
25 O-ring M5206
26 Casting Coupling CP21761C-00
27 Coupling CP19643E-00
28 Y insert bushing M3017
29 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
30 cylinder P22457E-00
31 support bearing P26124E-00
32 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
33 Adjusting washer P9277E-07
34 sector cylinder (electric control) A3555
36 circuit board (electrically controlled cylinder) SP583
37 O-ring (water-cooled) M1225
38 O-ring (water-cooled) M1172
39 dust ring (water cooling) M1347
40 Insert Seal RED P17460C-01
41 seal assembly M3231
42 bottom connector CP4355B-00
43 cylinder lower bracket CP21583B-00
44 cylinder repair kit A2376
45 cylinder upper bracket CP21584B-00
1 V type dust ring M1151
2 shaft seat CP1915D-00
3 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
4 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
5 drive shaft CP1910C-00
6 dome CP2957A-00
7 top connector P29758B-00
8 sets of rings CP29619D-00
9 support ring CP29618D-00
10 insert seal P2936A-01
11 valve body CP17330A-01
12 modular bearing P8012D-00
13 spacer CP4963B-01
14 VARI seal M1342
15 O-Shaped Seal M1153
16 Coupling CP17331C-00
17 O-ring M5207
18 sector cylinder A1537
19 gasket P5463E-00
20 gasket P5468E-00
21 gasket P5473E-00
22 Adjusting washer P9277E-04
23 bottom connector CP4356B-00
24 gasket P2120A-14
25 quick exhaust valve 1/2′′ PD, TD pump A1067
1 valve body CP26995A-00
2 spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
3 dome CP2401A-00
4 drive shaft CP2479C-00
5 modular bearing P8013D-00
6 V type dust ring M1202
7 axle seat CP2484D-00
8 spacer ring CP3721C-00
9 Coupling CP17199B-00
10 O-ring seal M1298
11 cylinder P22458E-00
12 gasket P5464E-00
13 gasket P5469E-00
14 gasket P5474E-00
15 top plate CP29671D-00
16 collar CP29621D-00
17 support ring CP29620D-00
18 insert seal P1826C-01
19 O-ring M5208
20 bushings 1M3039
21 bushings 2P1914E-00
22 Adjusting washer P9277E-05
23 Water-cooled O-ring M1301
24 valve drive (cylinder) C1978/01/1
26 Insert Seal RED P17461C-01
27 cylinder repair kit A2214
28 Sealing Kit M3233
1 exhaust dome valve P30330D-00 P30332D-00
2 outlet dome valve P30332D-00 P35103D-00 P30662D-00
3 online dome valve P30667D-00
4 inlet dome valve P30668D-00
5 outlet dome valve (without cylinder) BRAY cylinder
Main drive shaft
Intermediate shaft
Asterisk transmission of the rotor Z = 20 T = 50.8 106.16.510.01
Tail rope slider
Gear pump for lubrication winch SB 100 ZX09
Sleeve of the internal gear
Bushing outer gear
Bushing outer gear
Sleeve of the internal gear
Bushing outer gear
Sleeve of the internal gear
Bushing outer gear
Brake Pulley
Brake Shoe
M10x42 bolts with nuts under the C2-8-81 brake shoe
Bolts for fastening the brake pulley
Water pneumatic swivel 116.17.00
Вертлюг SL-170
Лебедка пневматическая XJFH-5/35Z
Лебедка YJ5B буровой установки ZJ
Редуктор BJX260 МБУ ZJ30/1700CZ
Коробка раздаточная JJX140 (МБУ) ZJ-30
Лебедка пневматическая XJFH-5/35Z
Ротор ZP375 буровой установки ZJ50DBS
Вертлюг SL-225
Лебедка пневматическая XJFH-5/35Z
Лебедка пневматическая XJFH-5/35Z
"Редуктор ZLYQC850-9.4F лебедки JC70DB
"Редуктор ZLYQC850-9.4А лебедки JC70DB
Swivel pneumatic XJ-L15 JZ 030072
Hydraulic pump brake system Rexroth D-72150 Horb A10V
Brake Shoe Spring PS 030022
Gear pump 2S NB060300
Centrifugal pump 32SB180-100 NB080100
Hex Bolt M12x30
Brake Shoe PSZ-75A-2-01
Cylinder coupling LT965 / 305T JC030700
Coupling cylinder LT1168 / 305T JC030800
Cylinder coupling LT700 / 135T JC170700
Axial piston pump JGBOY-BL
Gear oil pump YB040013
Self-centering roller bearing with two rows 23148 SA / C3W33
Pressure plate
ATD327 coupling cylinder
Group of capacitors C1-C3 120 060 410 003
Brake blocks U1-U3 120 060 410 004
Chain 20A-6-92 SY5595-1997
Chain 08A-1-132 SY5595-1997
Gear pump 810106-00-1610
Grid 40 holes FLC3P010600, 2 / 48-90F-3TA
Grid 60 holes FLC3P010600, 2 / 48-90F-3TA
Grid 80 holes FLC3P010600, 2 / 48-90F-3TA
Mud Pipe XSL.160.1.2.-11
An epiploon (Consolidation) PD170x200x16 HG4-692-67
Packing device XSL.
Packer XSL.160.1.2-07
About the shaped ring 14x2,4 GB1235-76
About the shaped ring 135x5,7 GB1235-76
Bearing No. 9019436 180x360x109
Bearing No. 2007134 170x260x57
Bearing No. 32130 150x225x35
Bearing No. 1000948 240x300x38
Bearing No. 206 30x62x16
Цепное колесо Р = 50, Z = 19 ZP 000012
Подшипник 2687/1049 ZP 030009
Подшипник 32630 ZP 050018
Подшипник 3630 ZP 050019
Подшипник 53524Н
Сальник SG180x220x18
Сальник PG150x180x16
Цепное колесо (звездочка) Z = 24 Р = 50,8
Подшипник 5692/800 ZP 000004
Подшипник опорный NU2330 ZP 000011
Подшипник вспомогательный 591/800 ZP 000028
Подшипник 22330С ZP 000010
Радиатор водяного охлаждения JС2112-1301-199-200
Пневматический мотор (пневмостартер) 12VB.46.120F
Понизительный редуктор (1,53) (900 кВ, 1500 об / мин.) (1275х1085х980) JS-1200
Карданное сцепление в сборе
Топливный насос BH6Z140ZP
Регулятор топливного насоса Т300 / 750Z
Водяной насос 12VB.22.00B
Турбокомпрессор J170-1 20GJ.00E
Насос для подачи масла (роторный насос) 12VB.11.00
Насос для подачи топлива YT235.11.00
Пневматический насос предварительной подачи масла 12ВБ.54.00С
Предохранительная установка суперскорости в сборе 12VB.37.00
Пневмоуправляющий клапан 12VB.46.300.10
Пневморегулирующий клапан
Установка автоматического тормоза при низком давлении масла 12VB.34.00А
Форсунка с распылителем в сборе 12VB.16.134 / 12V.16.20E
Тахометр и датчик 12VB.32.00D
Прокладка головки (герметичное кольцо II) 12ВВ.03.12А
Плунжерная пара топливного насоса высокого давления
Втулка беспроводного масла Z12V.12.40.01
Пружина Z12V.12.12.14А
Шайба Z12V.12.01А
Сцепление Z12V.12.20
Сцепление Z12V.12.30
Масляный фильтр 12VВ.18.10В
Топливный фильтр 12V.10.30.03
Воздушный фильтр (верхний) 12VВ.36М40
Воздушный фильтр (нижний) 12VВ.36М50
Сетка на вибросито HS280-3P
Сетка на пескоотделитель HD-300x2
Сетка на илоотделитель HM-100x12
Тормозная колодка
Тормозной шкив для лебедки  JC-28/11 JC28/11-06-12-00
Коробка трансмиссионная Allison M5620 R
Насос маслянный  в сборе для коробки Allison-M5620A - R 6880125
Крестовина карданного вала
Карданный вал SWC-180-1370+60 21RN
Карданный вал SWC-180-1355+60 21RN
Карданный вал SWC-180-1755+60 21RN
Карданный вал SWC-180-1600+60 21RN
Карданный вал SWC-180-1875+60 21RN
Грязевый шланг 4" 16м 35МРа FIG 1502(1002)
Вспомогательный тормоз главного барабана WCB-324 JC 060000
Коробка трансмиссионная Allison S5610 NR CX000000
Тормозной шкив для лебедки JC-28/11
Комбинированная раздаточная коробка для силовой системы ZJ-30T DL050000
Балон муфты 20 СВ 500 JC030500
Балон муфты АТD 118-H XX030000
Балон муфты АТD 318-H XX070000
Балон муфты АТD 330-H JC010600
Колодка (накладка) балона АТD 330-H
Крестовина карданного вала SWC 180 (21KN)
Цепь приводная 44.45 10 метр
Грязевый шланг 4 "17м 35МРа FIG 1502 (1002)
Песконасос SB5x6JF-38RW с электродвигателем SB56000
Шаровой резиновый сердечник F35.11
Уплотнительное кольцо "О" внутреннего опорного кольца F751А13.03
Уплотнительное кольцо "О" наружного опорного кольца F35.13
Уплотнительное кольцо для опорного кольца F35.14
Износостойкое кольцо для опорного кольца F35.15
Износостойкое кольцо для  корпуса F35.17
Износостойкое кольцо для поршня F35.18
Уплотнительное кольцо поршня F35.19
Комплекс плашек 127мм FZ897.21.06.00
Комплекс плашек 140мм FZ897.21.07.00
Верхнее уплотнение плашки FZ897.21.01.01
Торцевое уплотнение 127мм RS11148.09.04.02
Торцевое уплотнение 140 мм RS11148.09.05.02
Уплотнительное кольцо боковой дверцы FZ897.1.03В
Уплотнительное кольцо "О" 230х5,9мм FZ897.22
Уплотнительное кольцо поршня FZ897.1.8
Уплотнение вала плашки GB12.35-76
Уплотнение вала блокировки F751.14.20
Уплотнительное кольцо "О" 110х5,7мм GB12.35-76

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