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genuine Perkins injection nozzle 2645K612 for 1103A-33T, 1104C-44TA,1104A-44T, Caterpillar C4.4, Perkins parts, diesel engine parts, auto parts, Caterpillar parts, Cat parts

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Provide us engine information such as Model number and build list, we can supply all the genuine/original parts you need.

Foshan Sime darby Elco Power Equipment Limited are the appointed Perkins distributors in China. Through our network of approved dealers, we supply genuine Perkins engines and parts, as well as provide product support and warranty services. Elco are also an approved Perkins Gas Partner (PGP) across many countries Worldwide. Elco pride themselves on engineering excellence and providing Best in Class product support across all regions, with a team of trained trainers who support the network as well as in-house design and CAD facilities, we also house a training centre offering certified Perkins training.

And we also supply parts such as CAT(caterpillar) engineering machinery parts, generator parts, gas turbine parts, marine engine parts, generator sets parts; Perkins engine parts; Volvo engine parts; MTU (Benz) parts; Cummins parts; DEUTZ parts; Yanmar parts; MITSUBISHI parts etc.

Our Diesel Engine parts as follows:
1, commonly used consumables and accessories: all kinds of filters, coolant, belt, repair kit (cylinder mattress, oil pan gasket and other full oil seals, gaskets, sealing components).
2, all kinds of tiles: connecting rod, spindle, cam, thrust;
3, cylinder head and all parts: basin head, rocker arm, valve, valve tube, seat ring, valve spring, valve tappet;
4, each part of the middle cylinder: cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner (four matching).
5. Cooling system: fan, cooler, cooling nozzle, pump, oil pump, water tank and air box.
6, fuel system: high pressure oil pump, injector;
7, others: flywheel and gear ring, cam and shaft, charger, starter motor, supercharger, hand pump, connecting pipe fittings, inductor, electronic module, bolt nut, blockage head and so on


We provide parts for Perkins engine models as follows:
1.Perkins 400 series industrial engine:402D-05,402D-05G,403A-11G1,403A-15G1,403A-15G2,403D-07,403D-07G,403D-11,403D-11G,403D-15,403D-15G,403D-15T,403D-17,403F-07,403F-07G,403F-11,403F-11G,403F-15,403F-15G,403F-15T,403F-15TG,403F-E17T,404A-22G1,404D-15,404D-22,404D-22G,404D-22T,404D22TA,404D-22TAG,404D-22TG,404F-E22T,404F-E22TA.

2.Perkins 850 series engine:854E-E34TA,854E-E34T,854F-E34T,854F-E34TA.

3.Perkins 1100 series engine:1103A-33G,1103A-33TG1,1103A-33TG2,1103C-33T,1103C-33TG3,1103D-33,1103D-33TA,1104A-44,1104A-44T,1104A-44TG1,1104A-44TG2,1104C-44,1104C-44T,1104C-44TA,1104C-44TAG1,1104C-44TAG2,1104C-44TAG3,1104C-TG2,1104C-TG3,1104D-44,1104D-44T,1104D-44TA,1104D-44TG1,1104D-44TG2,1104D-44TG3,1104D-E44T,1104D-E44TA,1104D-E44TAG1,1104D-E44TAG2,1104D-E44TG1,1106A-7-TAG2,1106A-70TAG3,1106A-70TAG4,1106C-70TA,1106D-70TA,1106D-E70TA,1106D-E70TAG2,1106D-E70TAG3,1106D-E70TAG4,1106D-E70TAG5.

4.Perkins 1200 series engine:1204E-E44TA,1204E-E44TTA,1204E-E44TAG1,1204E-E44TTAG2,1204F-E44TA,1204F-E44TTA,1204F-E44TTAG2,1206E-E66TA,1206E-E70TTA,1206E-E70TTAG3,1206E-E70TTAAG4,1206F-E70TA,1206F-E70TTA,1206F-E70TTAG3,1206F-E70TTAG4.


5.Perkins 1306 series engine:1306A-E87TAG3, 1306A-E87TAG4,1306A-E87TAG6,1306C-E87TAG3, 1306C-E87TAG4, 1306C-E87TAG5, 1306C-E87TAG6, 1306-E87T, 1306-E76T, 1306-E87TA

6.Perkins 1500 series engine:1506A-E88TAG1,1506A-E88TAG2,1506A-E88TAG3,1506A-E88TAG4,1506A-E88TAG5,1506C-E88TAG1,1506C-E88TAG2,1506C-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG5.

7.Perkins 1600 series engine:1606D-E93TAG1,1606D-E93TAG2,1606D-E93TAG3,1606A-E93TAG4,1606D-E93TAG4,1606A-E93TAG5,1606D-E93TAG5,1606A-E93TAG.

7.Perkins 2000 series engine:2206A-E13TAG2,2206A-E13TAG3,2206A-E13TAG5,2206A-E13TAG6,2206D-E13TAG2,2206D-E13TAG3,2206A-E15TAG1,2206A-E15TAG2, 2206A-E15TAG3, 2206A-E15TAG4, 2506C-E15TAG1, 2506C-E15TAG2, 2506C-E15TAG3, 2506C-E15TAG4,2506D-E15TAG1,2506D-E15TAG2,2806A-E18TAG1A, 2806A-E18TAG2, 2806A-E18TAG3, 2806C-E18TAG1A,2806C-E18TAG2, 2806C-E18TAG3,2806D-E18TAG1A.

9Perkins 4000 series engine:4006-23TAG2A,4006-23TAG3A, 4006-23TAG4, 4006-23TRS1,4006D-23TAG2,4008-30TAG1, 4008-30TAG2, 4008-30TAG3, 4008-30TRS1,4008TAG, 4008TAG1, 4008TAG1A, 4008TAG2,4012TESI,4012-46TAG0A, 4012-46TAG1A, 4012-46TAG2A, 4012-46TAG3A, 4012-46TWG2A, 4012-46TWG3A, 4012-46TWG4A,4016-61TRG1, 4016-61TRG3, 4016-61TRS1,4016TAG1A,4016TAG2A.

below we also provide,

CV19995 CV19995_570 NOZZLE          
CV60909 CV60909_570 NOZZLE          
CV60910 CV60910_570 NOZZLE          
CV60915 CV60915_570 NOZZLE          
K645AF71 K645AF71_570 NOZZLE          
K645AF72 K645AF72_570 NOZZLE          
MP10211 MP10211_570 NOZZLE          
MP20018 MP20018_570 NOZZLE          
MP20019 MP20019_570 NOZZLE          
MP20126 MP20126_570 NOZZLE          
OD17533 OD17533_570 NOZZLE          
OD19115 OD19115_570 NOZZLE          
OD19952 OD19952_570 NOZZLE          
OD20250 OD20250_570 NOZZLE          
OD20281 OD20281_570 NOZZLE          
OD21869 OD21869_570 NOZZLE          
OD4535 OD4535_570 NOZZLE          
OE18726 OE18726_570 NOZZLE          
T400402 T400402_570 INJECTOR NOZZLE 
T411882 T411882_570 NOZZLE          
U2645F622 U2645F622_570 NOZZLE          
Y03/00032 Y03/00032_570 KIT, NOZZLE     
Y89/00117 Y89/00117_570 NOZZLE          
Y93/00033 Y93/00033_570 NOZZLE          
131416140 131416140_570 NOZZLE          
131416150 131416150_570 NOZZLE          
131416160 131416160_570 NOZZLE          
131416170 131416170_570 NOZZLE          
1815403C1 1815403C1_570 NOZZLE          
1820839C1 1820839C1_570 NOZZLE          
1820841C1 1820841C1_570 NOZZLE          
2645A601 2645A601_570 NOZZLE          
2645A602 2645A602_570 NOZZLE          
2645A603 2645A603_570 NOZZLE          
2645A604 2645A604_570 NOZZLE          
2645A606 2645A606_570 NOZZLE          
2645A607 2645A607_570 NOZZLE          
2645A608 2645A608_570 NOZZLE          
2645A611 2645A611_570 NOZZLE          
2645A612 2645A612_570 NOZZLE          
2645A613 2645A613_570 NOZZLE          
2645A614 2645A614_570 NOZZLE          
2645A615 2645A615_570 NOZZLE          
2645A616 2645A616_570 NOZZLE          
2645A617 2645A617_570 NOZZLE          
2645A621 2645A621_570 NOZZLE          
2645A621P 2645A621P_570 EXCH NOZZLE     
2645A622 2645A622_570 NOZZLE          
2645A624 2645A624_570 NOZZLE          
2645A625 2645A625_570 NOZZLE          
2645A626 2645A626_570 NOZZLE          
2645A627 2645A627_570 NOZZLE          
2645A628 2645A628_570 NOZZLE          
2645A629 2645A629_570 NOZZLE          
2645A630 2645A630_570 NOZZLE          
2645A631 2645A631_570 NOZZLE          
2645A633 2645A633_570 NOZZLE          
2645A634 2645A634_570 NOZZLE          
2645A635 2645A635_570 NOZZLE          
2645A636 2645A636_570 NOZZLE          
2645A637 2645A637_570 NOZZLE          
2645A638 2645A638_570 NOZZLE          
2645F603 2645F603_570 NOZZLE          
2645F607 2645F607_570 NOZZLE          
2645F610 2645F610_570 NOZZLE          
2645F611 2645F611_570 NOZZLE          
2645F612 2645F612_570 NOZZLE          
2645F615 2645F615_570 NOZZLE          
2645F617 2645F617_570 NOZZLE          
2645F619 2645F619_570 NOZZLE          
2645F620 2645F620_570 NOZZLE          
2645F621 2645F621_570 NOZZLE          
2645K602 2645K602_570 NOZZLE          
2645K603 2645K603_570 NOZZLE          
2645K605 2645K605_570 NOZZLE          
2645K608 2645K608_570 NOZZLE          
2645K609 2645K609_570 NOZZLE          
2645K611 2645K611_570 NOZZLE          
2645K611P 2645K611P_570 EXCH NOZZLE     
2645K612 2645K612_570 NOZZLE          
2645K612P 2645K612P_570 EXCH NOZZLE     
2645K613 2645K613_570 NOZZLE          
2645K616 2645K616_570 NOZZLE          
2645L602 2645L602_570 NOZZLE          
2645L603 2645L603_570 NOZZLE          
2645L604 2645L604_570 NOZZLE          
2645L605 2645L605_570 NOZZLE          
2645L607 2645L607_570 NOZZLE          
2645L608 2645L608_570 NOZZLE          
2645L609 2645L609_570 NOZZLE          
2645L611 2645L611_570 NOZZLE          
2645L612 2645L612_570 NOZZLE          
2645L613 2645L613_570 NOZZLE          
2645L614 2645L614_570 NOZZLE          
2645L615 2645L615_570 NOZZLE          
2645L616 2645L616_570 NOZZLE          
2645L617 2645L617_570 NOZZLE          
2645L618 2645L618_570 NOZZLE          
2645L622 2645L622_570 NOZZLE          
2645M602 2645M602_570 NOZZLE          
26461318 26461318_570 NOZZLE          
2646672 2646672_570 NOZZLE          
2646674 2646674_570 NOZZLE          
2646675 2646675_570 NOZZLE          
2646676 2646676_570 NOZZLE          
2646679 2646679_570 NOZZLE          
2646683 2646683_570 NOZZLE          
2646686 2646686_570 NOZZLE          
2646689 2646689_570 NOZZLE          
2646690 2646690_570 NOZZLE          
2646698 2646698_570 NOZZLE          
2646724 2646724_570 NOZZLE          
2646824 2646824_570 NOZZLE          
2646825 2646825_570 NOZZLE          
2646826 2646826_570 NOZZLE          
2646831 2646831_570 NOZZLE          
2646842 2646842_570 NOZZLE          
2646844 2646844_570 NOZZLE          
2646845 2646845_570 NOZZLE          
2646846 2646846_570 NOZZLE          
2646848 2646848_570 NOZZLE          
2646850 2646850_570 NOZZLE          
2646868 2646868_570 NOZZLE          
31990U 31990U_570 NOZZLE          
33470U 33470U_570 NOZZLE          
726/62 726/62_570 KIT, NOZZLE     
726/66 726/66_570 KIT, NOZZLE    

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