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genuine Perkins parts T401132 U85206520 SOLENOID for perkins engine 403/404/400 series, diesel engine parts, auto parts, Perkins parts

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Provide us engine information such as model number and build list, we can supply all the genuine/original parts you need.

Foshan Sime Darby Elco Power Equipment Limited are the appointed Perkins distributors in China. Through our network of approved dealers, we supply genuine Perkins engines and parts, as well as provide product support and warranty services. Elco are also an approved Perkins Gas Partner (PGP) across many countries Worldwide. Elco pride themselves on engineering excellence and providing Best in Class product support across all regions, with a team of trained trainers who support the network as well as in-house design and CAD facilities, we also house a training centre offering certified Perkins training.

Perkins engines are widely used in:
Generator set (for example: FG Wilson generator set)
Construction Machinery (for example: JCB mini excavator, Ingersoll Rand Bobcat mini excavator, Vogele paver, Wittmann paver of United States, Terex backhoe)
Forklift (Linde, Hyster, Jungheinrich, TAILIFT)
Agricultural machinery (such as: tractor, combine harvester)
Other industrial equipment (such as: Genie (GENIE) hydraulic aerial cage, JLG hydraulic aerial cage)

our company belong to CAT(caterpillar) SIME DARBY Group,we supply original/genuine parts for Caterpillar main models.

And we also supply parts such as generator parts, gas turbine parts, marine engine parts, generator sets parts; Volvo engine parts; JCB parts  MTU (Benz) parts; Cummins parts; Yanmar parts; MITSUBISHI parts etc.

Our Diesel Engine parts as follows:
1, commonly used consumables and accessories: all kinds of filters, coolant, belt, repair kit (cylinder mattress, oil pan gasket and other full oil seals, gaskets, sealing components).
2, all kinds of tiles: connecting rod, spindle, cam, thrust;
3, cylinder head and all parts: basin head, rocker arm, valve, valve tube, seat ring, valve spring, valve tappet;
4, each part of the middle cylinder: cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner (four matching).
5. Cooling system: fan, cooler, cooling nozzle, pump, oil pump, water tank and air box.
6, fuel system: high pressure oil pump, injector;
7, others: flywheel and gear ring, cam and shaft, charger, starter motor, supercharger, hand pump, connecting pipe fittings, inductor, electronic module, bolt nut, blockage head and so on

We provide parts for Perkins engine models as follows:
1.Perkins 400 series industrial engine:402D-05,402D-05G,403A-11G1,403A-15G1,403A-15G2,403D-07,403D-07G,403D-11,403D-11G,403D-15,403D-15G,403D-15T,403D-17,403F-07,403F-07G,403F-11,403F-11G,403F-15,403F-15G,403F-15T,403F-15TG,403F-E17T,404A-22G1,404D-15,404D-22,404D-22G,404D-22T,404D22TA,404D-22TAG,404D-22TG,404F-E22T,404F-E22TA.

2.Perkins 850 series engine:854E-E34TA,854E-E34T,854F-E34T,854F-E34TA.

3.Perkins 1100 series engine:1103A-33G,1103A-33TG1,1103A-33TG2,1103C-33T,1103C-33TG3,1103D-33,1103D-33TA,1104A-44,1104A-44T,1104A-44TG1,1104A-44TG2,1104C-44,1104C-44T,1104C-44TA,1104C-44TAG1,1104C-44TAG2,1104C-44TAG3,1104C-TG2,1104C-TG3,1104D-44,1104D-44T,1104D-44TA,1104D-44TG1,1104D-44TG2,1104D-44TG3,1104D-E44T,1104D-E44TA,1104D-E44TAG1,1104D-E44TAG2,1104D-E44TG1,1106A-7-TAG2,1106A-70TAG3,1106A-70TAG4,1106C-70TA,1106D-70TA,1106D-E70TA,1106D-E70TAG2,1106D-E70TAG3,1106D-E70TAG4,1106D-E70TAG5.

4.Perkins 1200 series engine:1204E-E44TA,1204E-E44TTA,1204E-E44TAG1,1204E-E44TTAG2,1204F-E44TA,1204F-E44TTA,1204F-E44TTAG2,1206E-E66TA,1206E-E70TTA,1206E-E70TTAG3,1206E-E70TTAAG4,1206F-E70TA,1206F-E70TTA,1206F-E70TTAG3,1206F-E70TTAG4.

5.Perkins 1306 series engine:1306A-E87TAG3, 1306A-E87TAG4,1306A-E87TAG6,1306C-E87TAG3, 1306C-E87TAG4, 1306C-E87TAG5, 1306C-E87TAG6, 1306-E87T, 1306-E76T, 1306-E87TA

6.Perkins 1500 series engine:1506A-E88TAG1,1506A-E88TAG2,1506A-E88TAG3,1506A-E88TAG4,1506A-E88TAG5,1506C-E88TAG1,1506C-E88TAG2,1506C-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG3,1506D-E88TAG5.

7.Perkins 1600 series engine:1606D-E93TAG1,1606D-E93TAG2,1606D-E93TAG3,1606A-E93TAG4,1606D-E93TAG4,1606A-E93TAG5,1606D-E93TAG5,1606A-E93TAG.

8.Perkins 2000 series engine:2206A-E13TAG2,2206A-E13TAG3,2206A-E13TAG5,2206A-E13TAG6,2206D-E13TAG2,2206D-E13TAG3,2206A-E15TAG1,2206A-E15TAG2, 2206A-E15TAG3, 2206A-E15TAG4, 2506C-E15TAG1, 2506C-E15TAG2, 2506C-E15TAG3, 2506C-E15TAG4,2506D-E15TAG1,2506D-E15TAG2,2806A-E18TAG1A, 2806A-E18TAG2, 2806A-E18TAG3, 2806C-E18TAG1A,2806C-E18TAG2, 2806C-E18TAG3,2806D-E18TAG1A.

9.Perkins 4000 series engine:4006-23TAG2A,4006-23TAG3A, 4006-23TAG4, 4006-23TRS1,4006D-23TAG2,4008-30TAG1, 4008-30TAG2, 4008-30TAG3, 4008-30TRS1,4008TAG, 4008TAG1, 4008-TAG1A, 4008TAG2,4012TESI,4012-46TAG0A, 4012-46TAG1A, 4012-46TAG2A, 4012-46TAG3A, 4012-46TWG2A, 4012-46TWG3A, 4012-46TWG4A,4016-61TRG1, 4016-61TRG3, 4016-61TRS1,4016-TAG1A,4016-TAG2A.

below we also provide for 403/404/400 series,

SEAL             198636160
PULLEY           145337040
INJECTOR         131406500
GASKET           U31426200
INJECTION PUMP   131017592
SHIM             131437541
SCREW            010800820
NUT              023100008
INJECTION PIPE   131507450
INJECTION PIPE   131507460
INJECTION PIPE   131507470
O RING           052100100
CONNECTION       140546020
SUMP GASKET      U10996910
THERM. HOUSING   145046110
THERMOSTAT       145206230
GASKET           U45996930
BOLT             011310655
PLUG             064500030
NUT              023100006
WATER PUMP       U45011030
GASKET           U45996990
HOSE             145537300
CLIP             2481863
CONNECTION       145226320
GASKET           U45996051
SCREW            011510825
FAN              145306880
GASKET           U11996410
GASKET           135997120
LIFT PUMP        130506351
BRACKET          U30976780
SCREW            2314J004
NUT              020900010
WASHER           027100010
FUEL FILTER      2656613
BOLT             010111030
WASHER           026200010
SCREW            011510820
WASHER           026100008
PIPE,FUEL        131246290
OLIVE            33811114
PIPE,FUEL        T68209625
CLIP             067100015
PLUG             32184226
WASHER           0920146
PLUG             0650204
WASHER           025109024
GLOW PLUG        T400504
LEVER            125416440
SOLENOID         T401132
#N/A 198486871
WASHER           140996260
PLUG             064400010
SWITCH           W85720580
RADIATOR         U45506580
ALTERNATOR       T414270
HEAD GASKET      111147491
#N/A 98636170
INJECTION PUMP   131010080
SHIM             131437491
INJECTION PIPE   131507520
INJECTION PIPE   131507530
INJECTION PIPE   131507540
INJECTION PIPE   131507550
GASKET           U10996920
PLUG             T420246
GASKET           111996401
JOINT            135996780
FUEL FILTER      130306380
BOWL             26560182
PLUG             26560183
FUEL FILTER      130306360
O RING           26560184
CONNECTION       3355A004
GASKET           111147711
SEAL             050209083
GASKET           U65996590
GASKET           U65996720
GASKET           U65996640
O RING           052100070
O RING           052109078
WASHER           025100008
O RING           052109076
GASKET           U35997300
GASKET           T415605
O RING           2415A070
GASKET           U65996630
GASKET           U45996990

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Provide us engine information such as Model number and build list,we can supply all the genuine/original parts you need. Foshan Sime Darby Elco Power Equipment Limited are theappointed Perkins d...

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