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hydraulics pumps types of hydraulic pumps

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oil tank may not extend below the minimum oil level when the oil level after retracting the cylinder must not exceed the maximum oil level; and finally consider the tank structure, the traditional fuel tank separator and precipitated dirt can not play the role of a vertical bulkhead should be installed along the longitudinal axis of the tank . Leave gaps between the separator tank at one end and the end plate on both sides of the separator space communication, the hydraulic pump oil inlet disposed at one end on both sides of the separator is not connected, so that the oil into the oil and return the distance between the farthest, hydraulic tank up some more cooling effect.
Market research industry developments
Piston pump is the pump in one, but the whole pump industry is a typical investment-driven industries, the market demand is subjected to national macroeconomic policies, which is subject to macroeconomic policy Teyou water, construction, energy and other sectors of greater impact. Hydraulic piston pump is a piston pump, the hydraulic industry's annual output value has not reached 10 billion yuan business, even more than 500 million yuan of annual output value of only a handful of companies, with total annual sales of the entire industry not as a of total sales. When supporting industries do not have the ability to compete with foreign companies, import goods on the domestic market will be strong artificial means of control and nothing to take into account. Most of the profits of construction machinery spare parts have been removed to the fact that not only allow the host manufacturer painful and helpless. Based on this situation, OEMs as well as funds from other industries are constantly entering the hydraulic industry. Just over one billion yuan investment into the hydraulic industry. But this trend is no doubt to increase the intensity of competition within the industry, changing the original industrial structure and order. Piston displacement is a typical hydraulic machinery, driven by a prime mover, the input of mechanical energy is converted into fluid pressure energy, and then entered as pressure, flow into the system, it is the power source of the hydraulic system, because it can transport liquid under high pressure, so the industrial production and daily life in various industries have been widely used.
Market conditions
Piston pumps and other pumps in shipbuilding, oil exploration, truck cranes and other widely used. 2008 ship production reached 15,000 tons, accounting for 21% of the number dwt world market, 2015 will become the world's largest shipbuilding country. To ensure the normal navigation or mooring boat, crew and passengers to meet the daily needs of each boat must be equipped with a certain amount of, can play a relevant role in marine mining, marine pump is one of the important auxiliary equipment. According to incomplete statistics, in various ship auxiliary machinery and equipment, and the total number of all types of marine pumps for different purposes, accounting for about 20% -30% of the total amount of machinery and equipment of ships, marine pump prices in the marine equipment costs the proportion is relatively large. Of the total cost, the marine pump about 4% to 8% of the total cost of the ship equipment, under normal circumstances. Marine pump purchase a medium-sized vessels of up to 10 million yuan or more.
?Diesel high-pressure pump to adjust the fuel supply timing
????Diesel exhaust temperature, whether rough work, eat a load capacity of size, mobility, economy and a number of factors, such as quality and sophistication ventilation, turbocharger performance, fuel injector, cylinder and piston rings wear, the timing and the supply of high-pressure pumps, fuel quality and the like. When the diesel engine performance slip, but exclude the impact of other factors, it would be necessary for high-pressure pumps and reasonable adjustments. Of course, the need to be checked before adjustment. Check the method varies by model, pump type to another. We have Maoyou common law, light law and notation.
?????Mao law. Maoyou method is suitable for any model or type of oil pump timing checks.
Removing either a cylinder pressure tubing connected to the high-pressure pump outlet valve, the high pressure pump and into the pipeline system filled with fuel. Slow disk drive, when the oil began to write down the flywheel transient fluctuation scale, that is, the cylinder fuel supply time, repeated (at least three times) and averaged, that is the cylinder injection timing. That method of measuring fuel supply advance angle.
?????Photopheresis. Large end section back to the hole injection pump, if the sleeve motivated, back hole of equal height, remove the screws on the corresponding pump. With the light back to the hole and screw hole cover moments, remember the oil supply from the moment of the flywheel scale.
?????Notation. Some of the high-pressure pumps in the pump and the pump column are engraved with a horizontal line, plate car, as long as the two lines is the oil agreement in time, read from the flywheel dial.
?Improve fuel pressure of the injection to achieve the best atomization, high-pressure pump main purpose is as a jack, upsetting head, pinch the power source machine, embroider machine hydraulics.
????High-pressure pump installation sequence: In the high-pressure pump installed in the process, in order to avoid the debris to fall into the machine, all the units should cover the perforations. The crew on the buried anchor bolts, based on the base and intermediate base with a pair of wedge pad for correction. Proofreading pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity, on the road linking the outer circumference of the shaft, you can have 0.1 mm deviation; two coupling plane gap should ensure that in 2 to 4 mm, (a small pump to take a small value) gap to uniform, tolerance 0.3 mm. After the connected piping and determine the motor direction of rotation, connect the coupling, and aromatic again continue proofreading concentric shafts. After the unit trial run 2 to 3 hours, do a final check, if no adverse phenomenon, is considered qualified to install. In the commissioning process, check the bearing temperature and vibration are as follows: Loosen the coupling large, with a horizontal instrument 

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